About Me

I’ve been interested in art and painting for many years but it is only in the last twenty years that I have completed both courses and training.  I attended a local art college in Lancashire where I lived and obtained A Levels in Art History and Art. It was Foundation Courses that introduced me to several ways of working in this area which sparked my interest in all things Fabric.  I have also been on several courses which increased my love of design and use for threads, wool and all sorts of fabrics.  My favourite medium now is felt.
I used to live down a half mile very rough track in a cottage we built in 1991in Argyll.The plot of ground is 40 yards wide and 400 yards long.  There is a dry stone dyke all along the front and then fencing on top of the dyke at the back.  We have managed to reclaim an ancient woodland and continued to reclaim overgrown areas along the whole piece.
We have been unable to find anyone who can give us a complete answer as to why the plot exists.  It is shown on maps going back to late 1700’s but there is no indication as to the use of this strange beautiful place.  We are just grateful to have managed to obtain and revitalise it.
We now live in Lancashire in a bungalow. The garden is full of colour and my work shed though smaller than the lovely studio I had in Argyll gives me plenty of room to work. I am now starting to find different ideas to inspire me and want to experiment more with paint and fabrics. We left Argyll to be nearer family. The cottage and ground was getting a bit too much for us and the distance to drive to see family was becoming harder as we get older. We still miss the place but have wonderful memories and still can visit friends up there.  So a new set of ideas and inspirations to look forward to.